Friday , October 24 2014

Lisa and Sam on Blake on The Project

Lisa and Sam

As the Bachelor gossip continues in public, we saw Lisa and Sam both disgusted at what Blake had been telling each girl after his public separation.  Blake had said the night before on The Project that Sam had asked Blake to keep his and Louises’ relationship a secret.  Sam said quote ‘That’s the biggest load of bullshit I have ever ... Read More »

Where is Blake Garvey?

Blake Garvey Goes to Ground

Blake Garvey seems to have gone to ground following the breakdown of his relationship to Sam Frost and all the page 1 public attention he has been receiving. All his tweets have been deleted in his twitter account showing his want to get out of the spotlight. This is an APB ( All Points Bulletin ) Be on the look ... Read More »

Blake and Sam split Confirmed

Sam last night at Eve Melbourne

According to the Bachelor couple call engagement off! “Network Ten can confirm that Blake and Sam have sadly ended their engagement. When Blake proposed to Sam in South Africa, he did so because he had genuinely fallen in love with her. He was excited to start a life with Sam and was very much looking forward to their future ... Read More »

Sam is the Winner


‘I have only been in love with one person and Sam that person is you’ Blake proposes to Samantha Frost in South Africa and asks if she will marry him. She says ‘100%’ ‘I gota to call my sister asap’ ‘Express my true feelings to the women I love’ ‘I can’t wait to start our life together’ Sam, the blonde ... Read More »

Lisa is Not

Blake  does NOT choose Lisa for his final rose. ‘What an amazing journey we have been on together’ For some reason the setting is in South Africa and Blake let Lisa go. Read More »

Is this the real Blake?

‘But I am in love with one of them.’ ‘It just feels natural and right’ ‘She has a lot of love in here and I just want to share it’ ‘A kindred spirit’ ‘Someone I can relate to’ ‘I have a stronger love for someone else’ ‘I feel as if I found it’ ‘Two incredible women… i have so much ... Read More »

Who Will Blake Choose

The final two Lisa and Sam

Sam and Lisa are the final two on The Bachelor Australia 2014. Who do you think Blake, the second bachelor for the series, will choose to be ‘his bride’?  Because he does propose to one of the girls. So when did he realise she was the one? Read More »

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