Sam & Lisa Defect

Sam and Lisa and the Vietnam flag

The two Aussie Bachelorettes, Sam and Lisa, went on a recent trip to Vietnam.  The girls seem to get on better with each other than with Blake. Look what he is missing out on in these pix… Read More »

Louise and Blake Free


It is official and out there. They are free to be together. Blake and Louise are now releasing pictures to the world via Instagram and twitter of their relationship. On a recent trip to Thailand together and at the horse races in Melbourne. But is fair to criticise the media and then use them to make money? You can’t have ... Read More »

Apply to Season 3 The Bachelor Australia 2015

Apply to The Bachelor

Channel 10 Australia are putting a call out to all those Bachelors and Bachelorettes who want to put their everything on TV.  Men and women of Australia, now is your chance break into fame or infamy.  Get your introduction to reality TV.  You can be as lucky as the winner Sam, runnerup Lisa, second runnerup Louise. Girls… Do want to ... Read More »

Lisa and Sam on Blake on The Project

Lisa and Sam

As the Bachelor gossip continues in public, we saw Lisa and Sam both disgusted at what Blake had been telling each girl after his public separation.  Blake had said the night before on The Project that Sam had asked Blake to keep his and Louises’ relationship a secret.  Sam said quote ‘That’s the biggest load of bullshit I have ever ... Read More »

Where is Blake Garvey?

Blake Garvey Goes to Ground

Blake Garvey seems to have gone to ground following the breakdown of his relationship to Sam Frost and all the page 1 public attention he has been receiving. All his tweets have been deleted in his twitter account showing his want to get out of the spotlight. This is an APB ( All Points Bulletin ) Be on the look ... Read More »

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