Monday , September 22 2014

Last 5 Bachelorettes

Final 5

The last 5 ladies are trying to stay on the show and be Blake’s new girlfriend or wife. Jessica, Lisa, Louise, Sam and Zoe remain. One will be the ‘winner’. Who do you think will be the next to go? Read More »

Hot or Not?

Well girls… what do you think about the new Bachelor, Blake Garvey? Does he meet your expectations or do you think Tim was a bigger catch? Let us know if you think Blake is Hot or Not. Read More »

Anna and Tim on The Project

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich together on Channel 10’s The Project tonight Valentines Day 14th Feb 2014. Tim sure made an impression with us at Bachelor Gossip making us wet with the appearance since the end of The Bachelor Australia 2013. The two obviously were getting along fantastically and appeared to be in ‘genuine’ love with each other. The juices ... Read More »

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